2021... The Festival was Bigger. with more prizes and more films.


The Screening and Awards took place on the 29th May, 2021 at the Greenwich Odeon, London on the largest (IMAX capable) screen at the venue. There were CoVid 19 restrictions were in place including social distancing, and more. All but the restricted viewing sets soldmost all available tickets sold and the audience was treated to a varied and entertaining sections of the award winners and official selection. The online festival started on the 30th May, 2021 and continues to run. News will be added through the year, mainly on the Facebook page. The new season will start again soon. 


We are happy to confirm that Foundry, Stan Winston School of Character Arts, and Final Draft all kindly prize sponsored again in 2021, providing awards winners with prizes that aim to enhance their opportunities. We would also like to welcome Crixus Studios as additional prize sponsors giving studio time vouchers for filmmakers. Aputure, the lighting company, also prize sponsored providing a cracking prize in the form of a travel lighting kit. More details are on the Facebook page.

Additionally, Final Draft also provided an extra prize of a copy of their amazing Final Draft 12 software for the winning prize of a NEW category for best script/screenplay.

More awards. More Fun... for both filmmaker and audience alike.

The 2021 trailer can be viewed on here:















We all know that we have all been living through strange unprecedented times with the Corona Virus and CoVid19 lockdowns. We hope you all keep Hale and Hearty. We won't burden you with the detailed arrangements involved in setting up a physical screening during a pandemic but the event was both safe and successful. Thank you to all our partners.


This event is completely independent of Wild Indie's production but please ask us if you want to find out about some of those.

The festival will continue in the near future is open to all (UK, Worldwide, The Up/Down/Side/Side Dimensions, even the Outer Spiral Arm (of the Galaxy). English language films are preferred; other languages should be closed captioned to English. The awards include; Best film, Best SFX, Best Score, Best Cinematography. Visit the film freeway page or facebook page for more information. 

The genre is Sci-Fi & Fantasy. So that's anything aliens, weird tech, dragons, superheroes, A.I., manmade monsters, dystopian futures, bizarre pasts, time travel, and just about anything a bit odd that might fit. Originality will be preferred but “Fan Films” are welcome, although please note, we must adhere to copyright guidelines and restrictions of the original IP owners.

Other genres and elements such as comedy, horror, or romance, can feature as long as a significant portion of the story is the festival themes. For more information on the festival go to  at https://filmfreeway.com/WildIndieFilmFestival

For more community information go to https://www.facebook.com/wisfff. To buy tickets for the online festival go to https://wildindiefilmfest.festivee.com/ 

Oh and we won an award ourselves. We were very pleased to receive a TOP 5 LONDON FILM FESTIVALS award from Beverly Boy Productions

If you are interested in a sponsor pack to help support the festival of filmmakers, please download this pdf and drop us a line.