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2023... WISFFF keeps growing, like the Blob or Akira... or something that grows ridiculously quickly.

The 2022 Screening and Awards will took place on 10th September, 2022 at the Greenwich Odeon, London on screen 10. 

The screening schedule was awesome but then so was the online festival schedule too. 

The films were screened at greenwich are listed below. However, the 2023 screening will be held at a different venue. Price increases. We still love the Odeon but we can't in good faith pass an increase of the scale suggested on to the audience. And so we are moving. We'll let you know where to soon... we are having meetings galore.

Below you'll find a copy of the EarlyBird teaser for the WISFFF2022. When we find our new home we'll post up details and the new trailer.   

This event is completely independent of Wild Indie's production. If you are so inclined, please ask us if you want to find out about some of those.

The festival is open to all (UK, Worldwide, The Up/Down/Side/Side Dimensions, even the Outer Spiral Arm (of the Galaxy). English language films do not need captioning at entry (they will if selected); other languages should be closed captioned to English. This is simply because English is the common language to the panel and judges (be that 2nd or 1st). The awards include; Best film, Best SFX, Best Score, Best Cinematography and more. Visit the film freeway page or facebook page for more information. 

The genre is Sci-Fi & Fantasy. So that's anything aliens, weird tech, dragons, superheroes, A.I., manmade monsters, dystopian futures, bizarre pasts, time travel, and just about anything a bit odd that might fit. Originality will be preferred but “Fan Films” are very welcome, although please note, we must adhere to copyright guidelines and restrictions of the original IP owners.

Other genres and elements such as comedy, horror, or romance, can feature as long as a significant portion of the story is the festival themes. For more information on the festival go to  at

For more community information go to To buy tickets for the online festival go to 

Oh and we won an award ourselves in 2020. We were very pleased to receive a TOP 5 LONDON FILM FESTIVALS award from Beverly Boy Productions

If you are interested in a sponsor pack to help support the festival of filmmakers, please download this pdf and drop us a line. 

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