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The Wild Indie Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival


The Wild Indie Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival is a new feature on the UK Short film scene. Hosted at the Greenwich iMAX Odeon Theatre in London, the event is sponsored by Foundry (the DVFX software wizards), and Stan Winston School of Character Arts (the Physical VFX wizards) and will include the Micro 2 minute Sci-Fi Challenge in collaboration with London Short Film. There are a number of challenges, awards and prizes for the Micro (2min), Mini (5min), and Short (20min) film categories within the genre.

The 2 min Sci-Fi Challenge is a competition to create a 2 min sci-fi themed film for the competition. The LSF Sci-Fi 90 Sec Challenge was the first incarnation... it has now evolved into something bigger and is just part of the whole "Windies" festival. The event is completely independent of Wild Indie's productions. There is also the "Green Screen Challenge", a challenge aimed at educators providing some footage for chroma-keying to create a fantasy situation of your choice.

The festival is open to all (UK, Worldwide, The Up/Down/Side/Side Dimensions, even the Outer Spiral Arm (of the Galaxy). English language films are preferred; other languages should be closed captioned to English. Awards will be for Best film, Best SFX, Best Score, Best Cinematography. 

The genre is Sci-Fi & Fantasy. So that's anything aliens, weird tech, dragons, superheroes, A.I., manmade monsters, dystopian futures, bizarre pasts, time travel, and just about anything a bit odd that might fit. Originality will be preferred but “Fan Films” are welcome, although please note, we must adhere to copyright guidelines and restrictions of the original IP owners.

Other genres and elements such as comedy, horror, or romance, can feature as long as a significant portion of the story is the festival themes. 

The opening date for entries is  20th July, 2019. The closing date is 4th January, 2020. Screenings of entries will be on 1st February, 2020.

To enter a film into the festival and for full terms and conditions go to https://filmfreeway.com/WildIndieFilmFestival