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  • Gavin Saville

WISFFF - 2021 - Festival Fun

The Wild Indie Scifi & Fantasy Film Festival goes from strength to strength.

This year we more than tripled entry levels. The film quality was amazing and the feedback is great. We won't lie to you, the challenge of putting on a physical screening during the Covid19 pandemic has been, well "challenging". Pushed dates, hoops to jump, reduced capacity, etc etc... but all worth it when the images came up on that giant magical silver screen. Our aim remains the same "To promote the skills and abilities required to make our favourite genre films. From story telling, to practical and digital SFX, to music, to animation and more. We aim to create a festival we would want to enter."

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This year's winners knocked our proverbial socks off. Actually the whole Official Selection and a good chunk of the Round 1 Selection are worthy of awards. We, however, stick to our ranking protocols and go with what the numbers say to provide our winners.

The festival is now part of Film Hub London and The BFI Audience Network, we'll be aiming to expand again and go for funding proposals for next season.

The winners are below:

A full list of winners and passes to the online festival are available on the festival site and the Facebook page.

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