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Keep your eyes out. Jim Henson's "The Storyteller" but with AR.

Many know Jim Henson and his amazing creations that have graced the fantasy film genre screens for years. Some may even remember "The Storyteller", read by the wonderful John Hurt. A series where the storyteller recounts folklore and tales from European myth and legend to a Jim Henson created companion dog (appropriately named Dog). Simply wonderful to watch as a kid, and also as a big kid. But what some might not know is that this family favourite is being revitalised, which is news enough on it's own... but "The Storyteller" is being bolstered with AR, potentially immersing the listener within it's mythical worlds even further. For us, that is news worthy of a blog post to let everyone know to keep those eyes peeled. The blend of new technology with story telling has untapped potential for entertainment, and for entertaining education. We can't wait to see what the developers come up with. We could not resist a quick share from The Jim Henson Company Youtube.

The AR story concept is being developed in partnership between the Jim Henson Company and Felix & Paul Studios and will utilise the concept of an augmented reality (AR) trackable book. The tale will tell the tale of the Seven Ravens. We can not wait to see what is produced and will be watching from both the pure entertainment perspective and to monitor the developments it might lead to in storytelling in the near future. It's technology we are looking at here for a pitch regarding educational resources. The concept poster and press release are below if you want to know more. Good luck to all involved. One to watch.

The press release from globalnewswire about the series is worth a look.

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