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In Production

Sadly you can't mention 2020 without mentioning Corona Virus Lockdown. So, firstly, we hope you haven't been adversely affected from both personal and business perspectives and our sympathy and empathy if you have. Things are starting to get moving again. Socially distanced jobs are appear to be moving again and lots of pre-production is happening. Which is good because there's lots of repeats on TV already if you hadn't noticed. In the earlier down-time, we threw some "pokers in the fire" to see what warmed up. We now have 3 productions progressing for what we consider 3 good short films. 1 micro 5 minute comedy, and 2 longer dramas. We are also in talks for a feature length Sci-fi genre script. The Wild Indie Creative banner is moving forward well.

Working with a partners we are developing a kid's science education series with a series pitch prepared. We are also expanding the potential for some food advertising. We also have some industry mentoring going on to help develop skills during the quiet time.

If you are interested in any of the above, drop us a line or simply watch out for more info on here.

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