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Festival Announcements - Categories

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

After a long festival director discussion over tea and biscuits, some news. We wanted to find more ways to include greater potential for recognising skills within the industry. So...

HORROR ... regardless of the nightmares we have here after watching the films, HORROR is being a little more clearly stated as a category in the festival.

The reason is two fold;

  • One of our main aims for starting this festival was to encourage and recognise the skillsets within the industry in our favourite crossover genres. We want to show off what people are creating. Horror films often have great practical effects in them.

  • We must get 2 enquiries a week asking if the festival takes horror films, we do but we are just being to be more explicit about it.

FAN FILMS ... We have had some truly outstanding films in this category. As such it is getting it's own award. As mentioned in other texts: the original IP must be respected regarding and declared.

GAME CINEMATICS ... we are aiming to add this category next season to open up to more people in the industry. It was quite a long debate regarding this category addition. However, it came down to the fact that you can't help but be impressed by some of the cinematics used for games. It's very clear that the skills used can then be crossed over to film too. Discussion with SFX training bodies also contributed to our decision to include this new category. This will be an award akin to the animation award. Story is still a key element so this won't be awarded to a 15 sec sting advert (unless it is completely awesome and has the best story and cinematics ever). This award will only be given if we get entries of high enough standard. All entries must have permission of the game copyright and IP owners to enter.

A rather good "GameNews" Compilation of Cinematics.

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