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The Wild Indie Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival


In association with our USA partner XenoQuest Media, Wild Indie created a series of informative documentary pieces for NASA's Astrobiology Institute. The series was broadcast cross the PBS network in the USA and can now be seen on NASA's Youtube channel. 

NASA Wild Indie Bridging Planets


We are currently in production of a "long short" film centred on the intertwined family trees of two men through history. Rewrites of the original film are complete and we have started pre-production.

For more information on our growing short film portfolio go to our short film page.

Promotional shot for Canon Lenses whilst shootng on NASA Astrobiology project Bridging Planets


Wild Indie have completed numerous trailers and commercial corporate films as well as providing acquisition services for numerous partners and clients. The variety includes; The 60th Anniversary Celebrations for London's "The Mousetrap" theatre production through to client relation and information films for renewable energy companies such as Ecokinetic and d'Light Design.


We work with you to achieve your aims within you budget. 


Our background in science makes the Wild Indie team adept at the creation of educational films. We can create films according to the specific syllabus or remits of the client. Our science, natural history, and documentary films are awarding winning. The examples below include part of a video series of educational pieces for The Institute of Environmentla Analytics "Data Tree" course and expert from the Bermuda Shark Project, a budget film made to raise the profile of the project and it's participants. 


Recent additions to our group mean we are able to expand into history based films.

Riverside House, Essex.


Film // Editing // Crew

Final Cut // Premiere // Avid


Crew available for freelance and contract. Editorial services available.

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